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About Taboob

The Taboob concept is an alternative campaign for the promotion of breastfeeding, it incorporates a holistic approach tackling barriers and taboos. The aim of the campaign is to provide nutritional education enabling the woman to meet her dietary needs whilst empowering the woman to breastfeed if she chooses to.

Good nutrition and a well-balanced diet are important from before conception, during pregnancy and during lactation, both for the well-being and recovery of the mother and the provision of the infant’s food. Lactation is nutritionally demanding, more so than pregnancy, as the woman will be producing up to 800ml of milk per day, which contains as much as 9g of protein, 700 kcal of energy as well as other nutrients required for sustaining infant growth (4).

Breastfeeding is beneficial for Mum!

Breastfeeding has been shown to have protective properties for women living in developed regions . It’s been linked to reduced incidences of the following diseases; type 2 diabetes, ovarian and breast cancer, myocardial infarction, metabolic syndrome . It can also help reduce the weight gained in pregnancy (3).

The Taboob campaign is to be officially launched at the University of Chester’s Annual Nutrition Fair on 6th February 2014. For further information contact the Department of Clinical Sciences and Nutrition:

The collaborators on the campaign are a group of trainee Dietitians: Katie Peers, Jennifer Landrum and Claire McGee.

Research interests of collaborators:
Katie Peers: adolescent nutrition and eating disorders.
Jennifer Landrum: maternal and infant nutrition, with a particular interest in Iodine.
Claire McGee: maternal and infant nutrition, with a particular interest in vitamin D metabolism.